After two broken engagements, Tiffany Allen thought her fairy tale had finally come true when her childhood crush re-entered her life in her 30s. But after a few years, the marriage fell apart and she was left trying to make sense of why the “all-American” couple had imploded and what part she played in its demise.

Witty, charming, and bittersweet, Carry On and Ditch the Excess Baggage! is a journey that begins in this first-time author’s childhood and uncovers emerging patterns and events that may have contributed to the difficulty in her marriage and her constant battle with depression.

For anyone who has experienced the debilitating effects of depression, the devastation of divorce or the crucible of cancer, Carry On and Ditch the Excess Baggage! will prove that there really can be silver linings in the darkest of clouds and that it is possible to rid yourself of past hurts that are genuine and excess baggage that plays no role except to weigh you down.

Benefit from the author’s “Lessons Learning” and discover for yourself that with effort, you can find humor in painful circumstances and healing from despair.  A must-read for those who have had to take a detour from their fairy-tale ending to find a completely new beginning.




Carry On and Ditch the Excess Baggage!